Estate Planning

Estate planning services Gold Coast

Ensure your wealth and legacy is passed on correctly by putting an estate plan in place. The accountants at Simmons Partnership provide a range of planning services for Gold Coast locals looking to form and manage their estate.

There is more to estate planning than just a documented will. There are various issues to consider when forming your estate plan, including tax-effective strategies for beneficiaries.

A solid estate plan is important in ensuring your assets are delivered to the people you choose, it can maximise the after-tax value of your assets and it also helps to build financial security for your family and dependents.

At Simmons Partnership, we will assist with your estate planning, including clearly mapping out the assets you have and where you would like them to go. When it comes to estate planning, there are three areas your estate can be split into. This includes the assets covered by your will, your superannuation fund and those controlled by an external company or trust.

Our accountants will show you, in easy-to-understand language, the difference between your assets and guide you through the steps of deciding where you would like them to go.

Start putting a plan in place and feel confident your family will be left with what they deserve. Arrange an appointment with our dedicated team—contact us today.